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Pre-Departure Advice

We are sure that you are looking forward to your ski trip, and to help you prepare, we have put together a few helpful hints.

Travel documentation
Please ensure that all passports are valid for 6 months after your return date and have at least 3 blank pages for stamps.  We suggest that you make copies of all passports and travel documents in the event that your documents get stolen. We recommend that you carry some spare coloured id photos as they may be required for Ski Passes.

Mobile phones
We recommend that you have your mobile phone set up for international roaming. This helps you to get hold of us if your flights are delayed or transfers missed. Please ensure that we have your correct cell phone number on file for this purpose, or we can’t be held responsible.

Ski clothing
It is important to wear correct ski clothing.  You will find it more comfortable to dress in layers rather than having 1 or 2 bulky items. You can buy clothing in the ski resorts but they do come a quite a high premium.
Packing suggestions:

Ski jacket                Ski pants (Salopets or ski jeans)
Beanie/ hat Gloves (ski gloves for the day and other for the evening)
Tube socks Sunglasses and/ or goggles
Sunblock for your face Lip ice
Layered Clothing Hiking boots are great for evenings as they help grip in the snow
Bath Soap (hotel soap to small) Small backpack for skiing to store camera's, phones etc
Mobile phone chargers International travel adaptor

NB Often the airlines lose your luggage, and it takes days to arrive. So you could be stranded in a ski resort with no ski clothing ... So we advise you to pack some ski pants, jacket and gloves in your hand luggage - inconvenient but worth it !!

We advise you to use of a cash passport card (traveler’s cheques are outdated).  Purchase your currency in Euro's (Europe) & Dollars for other countries, this way you can utilise the cash card in any country and in any currency.  Double check the cash withdrawal limit when purchasing your card.  A Cash Passport card can be used in any ATM worldwide and 99% of shops and restaurants will accept them.  Should you want to use your credit card contact your banker to ensure you do not require an international pin code.

First Aid kit
Pain killers and Pro-Hep, Aqueous Cream for after skiing, Plasters, Immodium, Deep heat or Arnica Oil for aching muscles

Shape up for the slopes
Skiing is physically demanding, requiring stamina and strength.   Walking, cycling, squash, swimming and aerobics will help. A few days of Immune system boosting is highly recommended before you go and whilst in the resort. 

The day before departure
We highly recommend that you take an effervescent tablet called Airmune, this just boosts your system. For those of you who suffer with cramping take Slow release Magnesium tablets before boarding the aircraft.

Check-in times 
The check in time for international flights is 3 hours prior to departure.